An idea that has blossomed over the last decade

Twelve years ago, League of Champions started as a Physical Education Program developed by Mark Ouellette, a certified primary, junior, and intermediate teacher.  He realized that many children were not experiencing the value of play and being active through sport and healthy competition.  Often, many children felt intimidated, discouraged, or simply deterred from any involvement in organized forms of physical activity.

Mark became determined to create a program that would inspire a 100% willing student involvement in his physical education classes.  He searched for a method that would appeal to the many different type of leaners found in any group of children.  The program he created was an instant success!

One year later, the program offered to children in grades 2 to 6 was adapted by Mark in order to include added layers of instruction. This revised program, that came to be known as League of Champions, aimed to encourage Team Building, Leadership Development, Values Development, and aid in the strengthening of school communities.  

The program's first formal run at Runneymede Jr./Sr. Public School was a huge success and later the program would spread out to several other schools in the west end of Toronto.  

Today, League of Champions continues to expand to new schools.  We strive to provide a competitive environment imbued with the philosophies of honourable play and compassionate leadership.  Children of various levels of physical ability will thrive in our program and enjoy it passionately.  Through our non-threatening physical environment and focus on honourable play, each child will have the opportunity to build their confidence and appreciation for sport and competition.  It is our goal that each of our participants will take what they have learned in our program and bring it out into their schools, schoolyards, and beyond.  

Many of our past leaders, now high school students, return to their former grade schools in order to earn volunteer hours by working with our participants. The best of these volunteers are selected for greater positions of leadership through employment with League of Champions.  This continued relationship with our former participants, has fostered very positive connections between our young participants and their older peers from local high schools.

The rapidly increasing demand for League of Champions requires more permitted gym spaces, and further opportunities to build trusting respectful relationships with new school communities. League of Champions is committed to building very safe and courteous relationships with our host schools, their administrative leaders, and school communities.


In this day and age where video games seem to be more popular than sports and other physical activities, it has been fantastic to have a fun, physical, team building program that the kids really love! My children have been participating in League of Champions for the last few years and it is the activity that they enjoy the most. Mr. O. has created a program that keeps the kids active, keeps them interested and helps them work on their team work skills. I know they have had a great workout as they come out of the gym with red faces and sweaty heads! Parents are constantly asking me how to get their kids signed up for League of Champions. I would definitely recommend this program for other schools
— Fiona Bellefeuille, Parent