~ League of Champions Houses & their Mottos ~

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"Steadfast Moral Compass"

The motto of Berengar House is meant to encourage our participants towards fostering a deeper and more moral sense of direction for their day to day choices. A ‘Steadfast Moral Compass’ is found in those with a firm resolve to do those things, which are good, just, and kind. Moral thought leads to moral action. 


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"Together Triumphant"

The motto of Ethelwulf House is meant to highlight the great importance of effort in unison and the success that is achieved through effective teamwork.  Participants are encouraged to understand that achievement is best brought about by the efforts of the many, as opposed to the actions of a few.  Strength is found in unity, and personal growth is fostered by the strength of those that strive together for success.


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"Alchemy of the Heart and Mind"

The motto of Nocturnus House speaks of the ancient practice of Alchemy, a protoscience with core philosophies that once claimed knowledge of secrets for the transmutation of one element into another.  For our participants, it acts as a metaphor for change.  Too often has humanity used their minds without the consideration of their consciences, and the result has often been strife, suffering and injury.  ‘Alchemy of the Heart and Mind’ is a reminder to all our participants that we should indeed wield the remarkable power of our intellect, but to never forget the guiding light of our hearts. 


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"Noble in Thought and Action"

The motto of Regalus House is meant to remind participants that nobility is an attribute that can be cultivated in everyone.  Participants are encouraged to foster within themselves honesty, courage, and compassion, the hallmark traits of the truly noble.  All participants are encouraged to strive to be noble in thought and action, as this is most certainly a path to true leadership.